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Employee timesheet

You can also use an automated time tracking tool instead of filling out spreadsheets or PDFs manually. Using an automated time tracking tool like Time Doctor will give you far more accurate reports with zero manual effort — saving you time and money. To learn about how Time Doctor automatically tracks time for you, jump to this section of this article. Weekly Timesheet templates are used when you calculate work hours and pay periods on a weekly basis. You can change this manually.

Total employee hours worked are calculated automatically. You only need to enter your Time In and Time Out data. Automatic calculations only apply to these versions: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. If you calculate work hours and pay periods every two weeks, a biweekly timesheet template would suit you better.

employee timesheet

This timecard template is more detailed as it provides an overview of your monthly work hours and pay as well as a weekly breakdown of that data. You can even divide this into a semi monthly timesheet. You can change this manually by entering any date of the month you want to create a timesheet for. Total employee hours worked are calculated automatically on a monthly basis in this free monthly timesheet. Total Pay is calculated automatically based on the Rate Per Hour that you set and the pay period.

Using spreadsheets or docs to track time has several limitations. There are a hoard of possibilities arising from human error that could lead to massive mistakes in excel timesheets. For example, simply using the wrong formulas, incorporating wrong formats or mistakenly leaving out key figures can lead to massive miscalculations in employee pay rates.

In fact, one of the most common human errors made in excel timesheets is mistakenly deleting them. Trying to retrieve these deleted sheets can be a very difficult task and inevitably lead to crises. There may even be unintentional errors in reporting actual hours worked. Time sheets are based on reported hours worked, manually inserted in the spreadsheets.

A discrepancy of about minutes every day may not be an issue, but when this difference climbs up, you could lose a lot of money. This difficulty has massive implications when the updates are seen too late and the employee has already been billed for a lower amount of hours than actually worked.

What this means is that quite often, to save space, earlier edition of reports are written over and updated. In addition, these reports can get lost in the managers inbox or they can get the wrong, outdated version of the file. The more an Excel sheet is updated or shared, the higher the chances of the file getting corrupted and unusable.

If you need a more efficient way to track time, something that takes less of your time to manage and analyze, an automated online tracking tool is for you. Professional timesheet software like Time Doctor is a great alternative to manual employee time sheets. Time Doctor is a time tracking tool that gives you automated reports about your employees work activities including:. Employees have to start a timer related to a task and Time Doctor runs in the background logging how much time the employee spends on that specific task.

There is no need for any manual timesheet calculator — they just have to log in and out.For the hourly employeesyou may be wondering what new and efficient tools exist to track time correctly.


The concept of filling out time cards to clock in and clock out still exists, but it looks a bit different than it used to. Small business payroll is a very important part of running a small business, and you want to make sure your payroll operations are accurate and efficient. A time card template can help keep track of hours worked during a specific time period or the amount of time spent on a specific job.

employee timesheet

If you employ hourly employees or contractors, then creating employee timesheets can be the way to calculate payroll. The more user-friendly the employee timesheet is, the greater chance you have of accurately capturing hours for your employees.

employee timesheet

Moreover, you also want to make sure that filling out timesheets is not a time-consuming process for you or for your employees. When a task takes a lot of time, it takes attention away from revenue producing activities.

Even if you have salaried employees, timesheets can also help you with business planning, productivity, and resource allocation. Implementing a timekeeping system can encourage employees to avoid time-wasting activities like browsing social media. Download your free timesheet template. Tracking employee hours for accurate pay is the most obvious benefit of a timesheet. However, employee timesheets can also provide detailed insights into your business. You can maintain online timesheets using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel templates, or you can use cloud-based software to record time and store timesheets.

Your employee timesheets can help you better understand your employee productivity, your business costs, and even your business model. Timesheets can be modified to give you deeper insight into your business. Here are three things timesheets can help you improve. An employee timesheet captures the number of hours your employees work.

But with an employee timesheet template, you can also track how your employees spend their time. If you discover a disproportionate amount of hours spent on a particular project over others, then this may indicate ineffective use of resources or poor performance. Tracking activity-specific work on a timesheet can provide insights into employee productivity, allowing you to better allocate business resources in the future.

For instance, if your employees are spending too much time on administrative tasks when they should be spending that time on more client-related projects, then you can investigate why. Similar to tracking productivity, tracking time per activity can uncover unexpected costs of doing business.

Perhaps employees are spending time on tasks that are not productive for growing your business. It could be because the technology is not robust enough to perform tasks quickly, or it could be because improper focus has been placed on unnecessary activities. How do you land on a number to quote clients? Do you consider the time spent by your employees? If not, you should. Pairing hours worked with a specific activity is helpful for overall job costingand thus, adequately quoting clients.

An effective employee timesheet template should help you keep track of hours, activities, and projects.Contact us. Privacy Policy. Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. No spam, ever! Subscribe Free!

Employee Timesheet Template

These timesheets are easy to download and print. The free versions are available in PDF format: just download one, open it in any program that can display the.

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PDF file and print. They are compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and other spreadsheet applications. See the differences between the free and paid versions. Timesheets for Multiple Employees. Timesheets that Calculate Comp Time.

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Timesheets with Daily Basis Overtime Calculation. Timesheets with Weekly Basis Overtime Calculation. Timesheets that Calculate Commissions. We're always adding new printables, and would love to hear your suggestions. What are we missing? Free Printable Time Sheets time sheet templates that you can download and print.

Here are the 15 most popular timesheet templates: Hourly Timesheet Weekly.

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Weekly Timesheet horizontal orientation. Biweekly Timesheet horizontal orientation. Self-Employed Monthly. Weekly Multiple-Employee Timesheet, 1 work period. Timesheet With Lunch. Simple Weekly Timesheet. Hourly Timesheet Daily. Simple Monthly Timesheet.

Monthly Timesheet vertical orientation, work hours entered directly. Simple Biweekly Timesheet. Semi-monthly Timesheet horizontal orientation, work hours entered directly. Weekly Timesheet horizontal orientation, work hours entered directly. Simple Semimonthly Timesheet.

Weekly Multiple-Employee Timesheet.Sign in. WEBtime - Step by Step. Accessing Timesheets Video. Preparing timesheet video. To view these documents, hold down the Control [Ctrl] key, then click on the link.

This will temporarily bypass the blocker. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak situation, there is a chance that your paycheck will be delayed if you do not sign up for direct deposit or a pay card. We have been notified by ADP that they could close their printing facilities. This would delay the printing and mailing of your pay check.

We are offering two options for you to sign up for direct deposit or a pay card. We are encouraging all employees if you are not signed up for direct deposit, please do this as soon as possible. You will be able to receive your weekly paycheck as a direct deposit or funds on a pay card and there will be no delay. Please email payroll beaconhillstaffing. Contact Us Job Search. Search by job title, type, or keyword. Search Job Types select Check All.

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Advanced Search. Beacon Hill. Back to Top Search Site.It is a productive way of tracking hours spent by your employees on all tasks under different projects within your SharePoint environment. Employees can track their daily work hours on tasks and projects created by the admin whereas the assigned manager can review and approve the timesheets submitted by the employees every week.

Easy reporting allows managers and administrators to generate and export reports for easier invoicing. With tons of exciting features in the free version, you may also upgrade to Office Timesheet Pro by clicking here or from within the add-in. For any further questions, assistance or support please visit our client support portal to access additional knowledgebase, FAQs or raising a support request. Apps Consulting Services. Search Microsoft AppSource.

Create an Employee Timesheet Using Excel

Sell Blog. Skip to main content Apps Office Timesheet. Ignatiuz Software. Version 4. Finance Productivity Project Management. License Agreement Privacy Policy. Office Timesheet. Overview Reviews. A user-friendly internal business tool for employee time-tracking, manager approval and reporting.

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Other apps from Ignatiuz Software.Report regular and overtime hours worked with this simple timesheet template. Perfect for small businesses, contractors, or the self-employed, this Excel timesheet template records time in, time out, and lunchbreaks for each day of the work week.

As a timesheet in Excel, the total hours, regular hours, and overtime hours are automatically calculated. This timesheet template can also help you track the efficiency and productivity of teams within your company or business unit. This is an accessible template. Address books. All holidays. Animation and 3D. Back to school. Bids and quotes. Blank and general. Business cards. Business plans. College tools. Family activities.

Fax covers. Financial management. Food and nutrition. Fun and games. Health and fitness. Papers and reports. Photo albums. Planners and trackers.Sync employee time to QuickBooks Online seamlessly. Whether you have everyone at a central location or many employees out in the field, TSheets makes tracking time effortless.

Businesses that love our online time cards tend to be in:. Entering and approving employee time cards has never been easier. TSheets is the simple way to track time accurately. Whether you have one office or many, we have timesheet options for you.

Free Timesheet Templates in Excel, PDF, Word Formats (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly)

Take the guesswork out of workforce time management. Sort the list view by hours worked, clock-in time, name, or location for a real-time snapshot of your workforce. Schedule employees by job or shift to streamline the workforce and put hours back in your week. Create, update, and edit schedules in minutes, and automatically notify employees of schedule changes.

Accurate, detailed reporting provides a better understanding of labor expenses. With real-time reports on hours worked including overtimemeans business owners can take action and change course on a job or project to avoid budget overruns. Customizable filters capture the precise timesheet information you want—sorted by date, pay period, employees, groups, projects, jobs, and more.

The Department of Labor announced a significant change to the overtime rule that makes over a million more American workers eligible for overtime. TSheets by QuickBooks commissioned a survey to find out more about how employers and employees—both hourly and salaried—use time tracking at work. The survey also asked them to weigh in on the then-proposed, now-passed overtime rule. For employers, tracking time is integral to the business.

Knowing how much employees worked on projects helps employers make better business decisions. Of the employees surveyed, 1 in 6 is still using paper timesheets, which are more error-prone than smarter technology, like a mobile time tracking app. Business owners told us that the majority of their employees are recording time to track their billable hours. For employees, time tracking helps prevent wage theft. And for employers, it helps prevent time theft.

Time tracking is symbiotic for businesses. Clocking in for a co-worker—also known as buddy punching—is relatively common, according to employees who responded to the survey. Usually, because someone forgot to clock in or out or was running late. TSheets by QuickBooks. Mobile GPS Kiosk. Try it free. Watch how it works.

Track time against specific jobs or customers on any device, for timesheets that are accurate to the minute. Time data flows right into QuickBooks. Manage your business and keep your projects on track with accurate, detailed reports on employee hours.

Use built-in reports for easy insights. Time is money.

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